This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Periodic water quality testing

Periodic water quality testing


To maintain high quality water through regular water quality monitoring and remediation.

The owner may conduct sampling within spaces under their control; however, the sampling point(s) must be representative of the water that is being delivered throughout the entire building, including tenant spaces (i.e., subject to the same type of treatment, if any). The owner does not have to test within tenant spaces, but may do so. Owner must display information in a way accessible to tenants.

In terms of testing requirements, the project should adhere to the protocol outlined in the Performance Verification Guidebook for water testing in Feature 31, which calls for testing at 10% of the total number of drinking water fixtures (with a maximum of five). The team should also select sampling points that have not been selected in the previous three quarters if applicable.