This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment


To promote both cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening exercise by providing complimentary access to on-site fitness equipment.

Yes, this feature allows for some combination of cardiorespiratory exercise equipment in an interior fitness space free of charge, in a quantity that would allow use by at least 1% of regular building occupants and accompanied by instructions for safe use.

Yes, this feature allows for any combination of the muscle-strength training equipment to be provided as long as enough units are provided so that 1% of occupants would be able to use the equipment at any one time.

Core and Shell project teams should base these calculations on the estimated total number of final building occupants or a default occupancy 23 m² [250 ft²] per person. Calculations for additional space types may be found <a href=" target="_blank">here</a>.

Yes, as long as these facilities are within the WELL project boundary or within 200 m [656 ft] of the main building entrance.