This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Healthy entrance

Healthy entrance


To minimize the introduction of pollutants into indoor air at building entrances.

Yes, a combination of the options under Part 1 may be used as long as they total 10 feet in length (and at least the width of the entrance).

Yes, a walk-off system can be used at the tenant entrance to comply if the building owner has not provided at the building entrances.

Doors with pedestrian traffic only to/from terraces or patios (no traffic to/from surrounding grounds) are not required to comply with Part 1 or Part 2 of Feature 8.

If there is a main entrance to the interior part of the building, the requirements of feature 8 part 2 would be required to be met at that entrance. If there is no main entrance and there are only private entrances into individual units, then the requirements of feature 8 part 2 would be out of scope.

In a Core and Shell project, this feature is required to be met only for the main building entrances serving the common areas of the building. ​Doors that are intended to exclusively serve a single office or retail store do not need to comply​​. However, if these smaller spaces are pursuing WELL​ (Interiors Certification or Retail Pilot Certification)​, then the Core and Shell project meeting the requirements of Feature 08 would help them achieve an optimization on their own certification.

Yes, this feature is a precondition for the Core and Shell project type and must be met at all main building entrances. If there are no main building entrances and only private entrances into individual units, then the requirements of Feature 8 part 2 would be out of scope. In addition, ground floor retail space entrances do not need to comply with either the Feature 8 part 1 or part 2 requirements as part of the Core and Shell program.

The location of the permanent entryway system, for example grills and grates, is subjective, depending on the layout of the building. However, the project is required to make sure that the walk-off systems are protected from the weather.

Yes, walk-off systems are required at all regularly used entrance(s) to the project, which may include entrances between car parking lots or cycle storage spaces and the building lobby. Walk-off systems are required at main building entrances, both from the exterior of the building and as well as any main building entrance frequently for gaining access to a building, such as from parking structures, underground parking garages, underground pathways, or other outside spaces.