This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Food production

Food production


To improve access to fresh produce by providing space, infrastructure and tools for on-site food production.

Yes, a vertical garden with food bearing plants meets the feature intent of improving access to fresh produce. As long as the vertical plot area is at least 0.1 m² [1 ft²] per occupant or 70m² it would comply.

If a project does not sell or provide food and beverages on a daily basis, it is considered in compliance with the Nourishment precondition features 38-40 (and 43-44 when designated as preconditions) and is considered not having achieved optimization features 47-49 (and 43-44 when designated as optimizations). To demonstrate compliance, projects should simply add a note to explain their lack of daily food and beverage offerings within the 'Notes' column of the project checklist.
Note that all Nourishment optimizations will still appear on the project scorecard and contribute to the denominator when calculating scoring.

Yes, fruit trees and edible landscaping meet the feature intent of improving access to fresh produce. For calculation purposes, the plot area would be included in the space measurement, rather than the area of the foliage.