Sound barriers

Sound barriers


To reduce sound transmission and acoustic disruptions through sound barriers.


Noise from adjacent spaces can be disturbing to building occupants. Careful detailing and high quality construction materials can greatly improve the sound reducing abilities of interior partitions or doors that act as sound barriers and reduce sound transmission between adjacent spaces.

Part 1
Wall Construction Specifications

The following spaces, if present, have interior partition walls that meet the Sound Transmission Class (STC) described:
Enclosed offices: minimum STC of 40 when a sound masking system is present, or minimum STC of 45 when no sound masking system is used.
Conference rooms and teleconference rooms: minimum STC of 53 on walls adjoining private offices, conference rooms or other teleconference rooms.

Part 2
Doorway Specifications

Doors connecting to private offices, conference rooms and teleconference rooms are constructed with at least one of the following:
Non-hollow core.

Part 3
Wall Construction Methodology

All interior walls enclosing regularly occupied spaces are constructed for optimal performance by reducing air gaps and limiting sound transmission through the following:
Properly sealing all acoustically rated partitions at the top and bottom tracks.
Staggering all gypsum board seams.
Packing and sealing all penetrations through the wall.

Part 4
Noise Intrusion Mitigation

The following requirements are met in buildings located less than 0.8 km [0.5 mi] from significant noise sources, including airports, seaports, highways, trains, and industrial processes:
Exterior windows, doors, and any other openings have a minimum STC rating of 35.
Exterior wall penetrations must be treated for sound control. Methods may include the use of acoustical sealant, lined elbows on vents, or lined exterior ducts.

Part 5
Residential Acoustic Privacy

The following requirements are met:
Floor-ceiling assemblies and party walls have a minimum STC rating of 55.
Floor-ceiling assemblies have a minimum IIC rating of 55.

Part 6
Wall Construction Specifications for Schools

The following spaces, if present, have interior partition walls which meet the Sound Transmission Class (STC) described:
Rooms located within 3 m [10 ft] of an exterior walkway: minimum STC of 45.
Rooms located within 9 m [30 ft] of a playground: minimum STC of 50, on the exterior wall.
Rooms located between 9 m [30 ft] and 15 m [50 ft] of a playground: minimum STC of 45 on exterior walls.
Walls that connect classrooms to an adjoining music room, auditorium, mechanical room, cafeteria, gymnasium, or indoor swimming pool: minimum STC of 60.