Exterior active design

Exterior active design


To promote active lifestyles through the integration of active design elements into the building exterior.

No, these are intended to be outside and accessible during all hours. If the project takes up more than 75% of the site, this is not applicable.

Spaces outside of the WELL project boundary can be considered toward Parts 1 and 2. Project teams would need to demonstrate that the shared space is reasonably accessible (within 200 m [656 ft] of the project boundary) to building occupants, regularly used by the project population and contains the appropriate amenities.

If the project would like to use Part 3b to comply with this feature, uses must be existing at the time of documentation review. Since neighborhood conditions like connectivity and diverse uses play such an integral role in activity levels and other health outcomes, IWBI means to ensure they are available when the project is occupied and achieves WELL Certification.

Yes, if a project takes up more than 75% of the lot size, Parts 1 and 2 do not apply. If Part 3 is being met, the project can achieve this feature.