This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Food environment

Food environment


To ensure access to fresh foods and provide communal cooking environments.


Eating habits and behavior are enabled, learned and reinforced through cues in our environment, as well as by our social surroundings. Any establishment where food is prepared or eaten should provide access to healthy foods and encourage mindful eating practices to help sustain healthy habits.

Part 1
Healthy Food Access

Where food is not provided within the facility, at least one of the following is located within 0.8 km [0.5 mi] of the building, or free transportation is provided to one of the following:
A grocery store where a variety of fresh produce is sold.
A market where independent farmers sell a variety of foods directly to market, open at least once weekly for at least five months annually.

Part 2
Communal Cooking Area

The following is met with certified spaces of 30 or more regular occupants:
At least one dedicated food preparation area per 30 occupants (1 minimum).