This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Innovation II

Innovation II


To promote the continuous evolution of the Standard by enabling projects to propose a new feature that addresses health and wellness in a novel way.


As the scientific understanding of health continues to evolve, so too does the ability to address complex issues of promoting wellness through the built environment. Recent discoveries in neuroscience, for example, have led to new insights in light’s impact on the human brain, opening the door for addressing sleep disruption through improvements in lighting design. It is likely that similar discoveries will continue to be made. The WELL Building Standard embraces the creative thinking that is needed to address the complex ways in which interior spaces contribute to health and wellness.

Part 1
Innovation Proposal

The feature meets one of the following requirements:
Goes above and beyond the current requirements of the existing WELL feature.
Relates to the wellness concept in a novel way that is not already covered in the WELL Building Standard, to impact the occupants of the project or the general public in a positive manner.

Part 2
Innovation Support

The feature is supported by the following:
The feature is fully substantiated by existing scientific, medical and industry research, and is consistent with applicable laws and regulations and leading practices in building design and management.