This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Internally generated noise

Internally generated noise


To reduce acoustic disruptions from internal noise sources and increase speech privacy.

The documentation required for feature 75, part 1 is a Letter of Assurance from the Architect or Acoustic Consultant. The acoustic plan itself, which outlines the loud or quiet zones, may also be submitted in lieu of the Letter of Assurance.

Yes, there are several design and construction measures that a project could employ to better insulate against interior noise. The project team should consult with an architect and acoustic consultant to determine the best options for their space.

Some options include rebalancing the HVAC system to run more quietly, insulating parts of the HVAC through sound boards or acoustic spray, and adding sound absorptive elements into the space such as acoustic rated ceiling tiles, carpeting, and wall coverings. Initial layout of the office, including moving quiet work areas such as conference rooms away from areas of loud mechanical equipment is another strategy. In addition, feature 81 also outlines strategies for reducing noise within the office.

Please also review the published Alternative Adherence Paths for this feature for additional accepted strategies.