This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Biophilia II - quantitative

Biophilia II - quantitative


To support occupant emotional and psychological well-being by including the natural environment in interior and exterior design.


Biophilia supports the idea that humans have an affinity towards the natural world. Evidence on the emotional and psychological benefits of nature is mounting. Research indicates that the experience of nature or nature-derived patterns can improve experience, mood and happiness.

Part 1
Outdoor Biophilia

At least 25% of the project site area meets the following requirements:
Features either landscaped grounds or rooftop gardens accessible to building occupants.
Consists of, at minimum, 70% plantings including tree canopies (within the 25%).

Part 2
Indoor Biophilia

Wall and potted plants are incorporated into the design of interior space according to the following:
Potted plants or planted beds cover at least 1% of floor area per floor.
A plant wall per floor, covering a wall area equal or greater than 2% of the floor area, or covering the largest of the available walls, whichever is greater.

Part 3
Water Feature

At least one water feature for every 9,290 m² [100,000 ft²] in projects larger than 9,290 m² [100,000 ft²] which meets the following requirements:
At least 1.8 m [5.8 to 6 ft] in height or 4 m² [43 ft²] in area.
Ultraviolet sanitation or other technology to address water safety.