This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Pest control

Pest control


To reduce the presence of pests in buildings and minimize occupant exposure to pest-related allergens.

If fruit is displayed in a bowl or on the counter during regularly occupied hours, it does not need to be covered. However, fruit must be sealed or refrigerated during periods of storage (e.g., overnight).

Projects should prioritize compliance with local health, safety and food codes (or other mandatory regulations) and inform their WELL coaching contact of any such regulations.

Push flaps are considered a lid, as it closes the opening; however, it is not considered hands-free.

The owner must provide compliant garbage bins throughout the entire building, including all tenant spaces. Alternatively, the owner may provide tenants with a fiscal allowance to purchase compliant bins for their leased space. Tenants can decline the owner's offer and choose to procure their own.

The operations schedule submitted for Documentation Review must demonstrate that compliant bins are available in tenant spaces.

The owner must comply throughout the entire building, including all tenant spaces. Please note: visual inspection may occur within tenant spaces.