Daylight modeling

Daylight modeling


To support circadian and psychological health by setting thresholds for indoor sunlight exposure.

Surrounding buildings must be considered in the simulation. The daylight simulation submitted should be accurate at the time of WELL documentation submission. However, if there are future surrounding buildings planned by the same developer as the WELL project, the simulation submitted should take those into account. The team will not be held accountable for future developments on adjacent parcels that are outside of their control.

The exterior shades/blinds should be modeled for analysis in accordance with IES LM-83-12 which defines the calculation of Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA) and Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE).

Interior glare control (shades/blinds) should not be used for the ASE analysis, per the methodology outlined in IES LM-83-12, Section 3.2.6, but are allowed for the sDA analysis.

Yes, skylights should be included when calculating spatial daylight autonomy and annual sun exposure.