This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Project Types


The features of the WELL Building Standard™ (WELL) can be applied across many real estate sectors, however the WELL Building Standard version 1.0 is applicable specifically to commercial and institutional buildings. Furthermore, not all WELL features apply to all buildings, depending on the stage of construction. WELL v1 is therefore further organized into project types, which take into account the specific set of considerations that are unique to a particular building type or phase of construction.

For WELL v1, there are three project types outlined below. If you’re interested in tracking the progress of a specific project type towards WELL Certification™, download the project checklist.

WELL Certification is available for Core and Shell building projects seeking to implement fundamental features into the entire base building for the benefit of future tenants. The Core and Shell project type addresses the building structure, window locations and glazing, building proportions, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, and water quality. This project type also encourages consideration of the site in relation to amenities and opportunities for wellness.

Core and Shell is appropriate for projects in which at least 75% of the project area is occupied by one or more tenants and/or serves as common space in the building accessible to all tenants. Note that offices affiliated with the project owner but unrelated to the management of the project property may be considered a tenant so long as there is at least one additional tenant unaffiliated with the project owner. Independent of the portion of the building controlled by the owner, 100% of the building core and shell and all portions of the interior buildout or managed by the project owner are included in the project scope for design and operations. The Performance Verification Guidebook describes methods for on-site measurements and inspections.

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