This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Food advertising

Food advertising


To promote healthy food consumption choices.


Every year, food companies spend billions of dollars marketing and advertising unhealthy foods to children and adults, contributing to the creation of an obesogenic (obesity-promoting) environment. Over a billion dollars are spent annually on marketing breakfast cereals, carbonated beverages and restaurant food to youth alone. However, access to nutrition information can help individuals learn about and develop better eating habits. Further, limiting advertising cues for unhealthy foods can help individuals make better food selections and mitigate suboptimal nutritional choices.

Part 1
Advertising and Environmental Cues

The following requirement is met:
Advertisements for any food or beverage items that do not conform to the requirements set forth in the Processed Foods feature are not displayed on the premises.

Part 2
Nutritional Messaging

Using prominent displays such as educational posters, brochures or other visual media, designated eating areas or common areas contain a total of at least 3 instances of messaging intended to achieve either or both of the following requirements:
Encourage the consumption of whole, natural foods and cuisines.
Discourage the consumption of sugary or processed foods and beverages.

Part 3
Healthy Choices Promotion

The following requirements are met for point-of-decision prompts to promote healthier eating decisions:
Menu signage provided upon entry to the dining area featuring only healthy food options.
Menu signage provided at the beginning of the food service line, if present, featuring only healthy food options.

Part 4
Healthy Menu Design

Menus and menu boards are designed to meet at least two of the following requirements:
Healthy menu items are listed using appealing descriptions.
Healthy menu items are visually highlighted, such as through icons, different colors or bolding.
Healthy menu items are listed first in each menu section.
Healthy menu items are listed in prominent areas of the menu, for example at the top, bottom or corners of a menu page.