This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Post-occupancy surveys

Post-occupancy surveys


To allow occupants to provide feedback to building owners and management, and help further develop the WELL Building Standard.

Projects that are operated as a co-working space should pursue the New & Existing Interiors project type. For this type of project, Feature 86 would apply to all regular building occupants.

Feature 86 primarily addresses physical features within the project rather than organization-level protocols or policies; therefore, the project team is only required to consider regular occupants within the project boundary.

The owner must distribute a compliant survey to all occupants of the building, including all tenants' employees.

The first post-occupancy survey should be conducted within a year after achieving certification. It is not required that the post-occupancy survey be conducted prior to performance verification; however, a policy document must be submitted during documentation that confirms that requirement will be met.

Yes, if you are creating your own post-occupancy survey, you must submit this as an AAP. For projects looking to use an already established, third-party survey, they can submit this as an Equivalency Proposal. All proposals should meet the requirements outlined in Feature 86 Parts 1 & 2.