This is a legacy version of the WELL Building Standard. Please check the latest version here.

Post-occupancy surveys

Post-occupancy surveys


To allow occupants to provide feedback to building owners and management, and help further develop the WELL Building Standard.

Yes, all employees who occupy the building would need to be counted as part of this feature's scope. See more information about the scope of organizational protocols on page 15 of the WELL Building Standard.

Projects that are operated as a co-working space should pursue the New & Existing Interiors project type. For this type of project, Feature 86 would apply to all regular building occupants.

The first post-occupancy survey should be conducted within a year after achieving certification. It is not required that the post-occupancy survey be conducted prior to performance verification; however, a policy document must be submitted during documentation that confirms that requirement will be met.

Yes, if you are creating your own post-occupancy survey, you must submit this as an AAP. For projects looking to use an already established, third-party survey, they can submit this as an Equivalency Proposal.